Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Supernatural Sunday: S 1 Ep 3: Dead in the Water

As the search for their dad goes sour Sam and Dean find themselves in a small town in Wisconsin after they read the newspaper about the disappearance of a girl named Sophie Carlton in Lake Manitoc. They disguise themselves as Fedreal Marshells and head on over to talk to the father and brother of the girl who went missing. The brother explains to Sam and Dean that something dragged her down into the lake since she was a varsity swimmer. After their talk they went over to the local police department to have a chat with sheriff Jake Devins. They find out that a dam project up the valley will cause the lake to drain and be gone completely in a few years. They meet Sheriff Devins' daughter Andrea Barr and her son Lucas. After meeting them Sam and Dean catch on that there is something wrong with Lucas. Sheriff Devins tells the Winchester boys that Lucas went through a very traumatic experience in his life.

Two days later Sam and Dean catch wind on the death of Will Carlton who drowned in the sink and who is also the son of Bill Carlton and brother of Sophie Carlton, the girl who disappeared a few days earlier in the lake. After hearing about Will's death Sam decides to do some research on the lake and finds that a man with the last name of Barr drowned in the lake and his son Lucas was out in the boat for two hours until he was saved. They find Andrea and Lucas at the park so Dean heads over to Lucas to try to get him to tell him what's wrong and what he saw out in the lake the day his dad died but he wouldn't say anything. After getting nowhere with Lucas he walked back over to Sam and Andrea while Andrea was explaining to Sam that before her husband's death Lucas had such life in him and it was hard to keep up with him. Lucas walks up to Dean and hands him a picture that he drew of a house. Sam and Dean went off trying to find the house that Lucas drew and when they finally did they talked to the old lady that was living there.

A little boy her son Peter Sweeney use to live there but he suddenly went missing one day and the cops couldn't find him so they just stopped looking. He was suppose to ride his bike home from school but he never showed up. They find out that Peter was friends with Bill Carlton and Sheriff Devins. Sam and Dean decide to talk to Bill Carlton about Peter but they see him driving his boat out to the lake then suddenly a big force comes swooping up, pushing the boat into the air and killing Bill Carlton. They head over to the police department to talk to Sheriff Devins' about Bill Carlton's death and the Sheriff explains to them that he ran their badge numbers and they are not really Federal Marshells and told them if they didn't leave this town he would lock them up. Sam and Dean pretend to drive away but instead they head over to Andrea's house. Meanwhile Andrea is putting Lucas back into bed after he got out to draw pictures. She goes to the bathroom and turns on the bathtub and she gets in and closes her eyes.

While she's laying in the bathtub the water pouring out starts to turn brownish green then suddenly something pulls Andrea down into the water trying to drown her. Lucas is banging on the door trying to get in to help her but he couldn't so he runs down stairs and opens the door to Sam and Dean. They realize something is wrong so they run up and break into the bathroom and try to pull Andrea out of the tub. They finally pull Andrea out and it turns to morning and they sit down to ask her what happened. She tells them that while she was getting pulled down she could here someone say "come play with me." Dean goes up to Lucas' room to talk to him which is when he gives Dean another picture that he drew but this one was of a bike. They go outside behind the house and they feel something in the ground so they start digging up the grass and they pull out a big blue rusty bike. Sheriff Devins' walks up pointing a gun at them asking them how they knew that was there. Andrea runs out of the house trying to get her dad to stop and Dean forces him to tell everyone what happened to Peter

He was the smallest out of the three kids so they would always pick on him. One day they took it a little too far and they held his head down in the water, they held it too long that he drowned. The boys freaked cause they just killed their friend and they didn't know what to do so they let the body fall into the lake and they buried his bike. Sheriff Devins' explains to Andrea that they were just little kids and they didn't know any better and they never meant to kill him. Lucas runs out to the dock and kneels down and reaches his hand out to the water and Peter grabs Lucas' hand and pulls him into the lake. They all run after to save him and Sheriff Devins' gets into the lake yelling "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Don't do this, he's just a little boy! Take me!!" After Sheriff Devins' rant Peter swims up and drags him under the lake where Sheriff Devins' meets his death. Dean jumps out of the water saving Lucas and he regains conciseness. Sam and Dean pack up and get ready to leave while Andrea and Lucas walk up with a plate of food for them. After this whole thing ends Lucas begins talking again so Dean tells him to say the most important thing of all which is....... "Led Zeppelin rules!!"

I think this have to be one of my favorite episodes of this season but I can't really explain why. I do like the whole creepy voice saying "come play with me" while their getting killed. You see Dean's softer side in this episode which he mainly likes to hide cause he doesn't want people know that he has a warm heart and he's just a bad ass mofo. Sam is just the same as he usually is wanting to keep looking for their dad blah blah blah nothing new. Sammie being Sammie. I give this episode 5 out of 5 Skulls. Don't forget, the next post will be my 100Th post so be sure to email me your questions you have for me so I can answer them on my post. For my 100Th Post Extravaganza I'll be telling 50 things about myself and I'll answer 50 questions about me you all have. I'm not too sure I'll be getting 50 questions from you guys since I only had one person email me their questions. So be sure to do that cause my next post will be my 100Th post and I don't want to post it until I get all of your questions. Email me your questions at . If I don't receive 50 questions that's okay I'll just think of something else to put on my post. Have an fantastic freaky day!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

100Th Post Extravaganza!!

I'm coming close to my 100Th post and I'm pretty excited, it hasn't even been a year and I already wrote 100 blog posts. What I decided to do is since this is my 100Th post I'm going to post 50 things about myself. I was going to do 100 things but come on, you really think I'm going to be able come up with 100 things??? Ha! I'm not THAT too into myself to come up with 100 things about myself. With that said I'm going to let you all, my followers ask me questions about whatever. The only condition is that you can't ask TOO personal of questions like I wont tell you my bra size or answer any sexual questions etc so let's keep it PG to PG-13. So if you would like to participate in my 100Th post questions just send you're questions to my email address and I will be happy to answer them on my blog.

Also stay tuned for some more movie reviews, music Monday's, when horror meets fashion and a supernatural Sunday. I'll be getting my reviews up as soon as I finish writing them so fear not they will be up very soon since I am in the process of writing them. Movie reviews to look forward to...... The Craigslist Killer, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hallow, Friday the 13Th (2009), A Nightmare On Elm Street 3-6 including Wes Craven's New Nightmare and Freddy vs. Jason.

"People ask me why I consume my life with all things horror, it's fun. You see some people sew others golf but me, I like to see people's insides on their outside." - JennyB

Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Mondays: Christina Perri "Jar of Hearts"

Getting back into the swing of blogging can be very hard so it's a good thing that I already know what to blog about. Today's Music Mondays I'm featuring Christina Perri's song "Jar of Hearts" I know I only feature horror bands but I wanted to do her song since it hit close to home with me. I recently got out of a relationship that I had with a guy I've known for about 3 years and things didn't end well, at least not on my part. I found out that he's been hooking up with some other girl behind my back so I was like screw that, I'm done. I've heard this song before and I really like it but it's when I listened to it the day after everything happened my mouth seriously dropped in shock. This song is exactly him, everything she sings about HE did to me and all the other girls he dated. If you don't want to date me that's fine I understand but tell me that, don't lead me on saying you want to be with me and hook up with me then hook up with some other girl behind my back thinking I'm never going to find out. HA! Well the jokes on you cause I found out and I'm never going to take you back.

Just think he could of had access to the "promise land" but nope he had to ruin that by getting into some other girl's "promise land." He sure blew his chance with me and I'm never going to give him another chance cause he's just going to do the same thing over and over again cause he thinks it's okay to play stupid high school childish games. Honey your 23 years old grow up! Sorry about going all mushy on you guys I just thought if Taylor Swift can sing about her past relationships then I can blog about mine! :D

Christina Perri is an American singer and songwriter from Philadelphia. Her song "Jar of Hearts" charted in the United States after it was featured on the Fox television show So You Think You Can Dance in 2010. Rolling Stone named her the "Band of the Week" on October 26, 2010.
Perri grew up in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) with her older brother, Nick Perri, who formerly played guitar with Shinedown, Silvertide, Perry Farrell and Matt Sorum. She taught herself how to play guitar as a 16-year-old by watching a videotape of Shannon Hoon from the group Blind Melon performing on VH1. Perri recorded a five-single EP named The Ocean Way Sessions that was released on November 9, 2010.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Supernatural Sunday: S 1 Ep 2: Wendigo

I've been really slacking off on my new blog segment "A Supernatural Sunday" along with blogging all together. So with being a very bad girl on blogging I decided to restart my blogging with a all new episode of A Supernatural Sunday. Today's post is the second episode on the first season of Supernatural titled "Wendigo" It starts out with a recap of the first episode, it does that every episodes then the Supernatural logo appears. A bunch of kids are out on a camping trip off in some isolated place in the mountains called Blackwater Ridge. One of the campers Tommy Collins records a video of himself in his tent to send to his sister and brother to let them know what's going on and that he's doing fine. After he sent the video he heard a strange noise coming from outside his tent. He calls out to one of his friends but no one answers when all of a sudden something crashes into his tent and all you hear is screaming and the screen goes black.
It shows Sam in a suit in a cemetery walking up to Jessica's grave with flowers. He talks out loud saying how he's sorry and he wished he told her the truth and how he should of protected her. He bent down to put the flowers on her grave then Jessica's hand pops out of the grave and grabs Sam's arm then he suddenly wakes ups to him and Dean driving outside of Grand Junction. After reading their dad's journal they found coordinates that direct them to Blackwater Ridge. Sam and Dean check out a local place where you can set up camping trips. They take a look around when one of park rangers came out to talk to them. He tells them about how a girl Haley Collins is worried that something must be wrong with her brother when all he thinks is she's just worried for nothing. That sparks Sam and Dean's interest so they check out the history of Blackwater Ridge and they found out about there were a few missing person's listed in the news a few years back. They decide to talk to Haley about her brother and she tells them that he always checks in with her and her little brother Ben every single day and she hasn't heard anything from him for 3 days so she knows something has to be wrong.They all head out to Blackwater Ridge to search for Tommy. They find his camp site and how it was all beaten up then they knew they were in trouble. They look around and they hear someone calling out for help so they start to run to where the voice was coming from but they didn't find anything so Sam realizes what was going on so he pulls Dean aside and shows him a page in their dad's journal about a Wendigo, after reading it Sam knows that's what their hunting with all the signs that they saw and with what happened. Night falls and things start to get bad, they start hearing someone calling out for help then something runs across their camp site so Roy tries to be a bad ass and chases after it even when Dean tells him to stay inside the circle of salt. Roy calls out "It's here! It's up in the trees!" then it grabs Roy and kills him. Morning comes and Dean tells Haley what their hunting and how someone becomes a Wendigo and the only way to kill it is to set it on fire. It starts making noises in the distance so they begin to run away but Dean and Haley ends up getting caught by it. Sam and Ben head out to find them and Sam knows that they need to find a dark isolated safe place because Wendigo's store their victims in dark places to feed on them in the winter. They find a little cabin where the sign on the door says Dangerous, do not enter. They head into look for Dean and Haley and they get to the very bottom of the cabin and they see them tied up in a corner. Sam unties them and Haley finds her brother Tommy alive tied up the same way Dean and Haley were. They hear the Wendigo walking around so they starting running away shooting at it then it traps Sam, Haley and Ben in a corner and shows it's full body form then Dean shoots a bullet of fire into the Wendigo and it bursts into flames. When all that fun stuff is over the cops, parks rangers and a ambulance shows up and Ben and Sam tell the park ranger that it was a grizzly bear that had to weigh 900 pounds. Haley thanks Sam and Dean and rides off in the ambulance with her brothers then Sam and Dean gets in their car and drives off to continue their search for their father. I liked this episode but it wasn't my favorite, I think it's because it was kinda boring and not very interesting. I'm sorry but a Wendigo isn't that great of a monster, if you looked up what a Wendigo was then you would know what I mean. I decided to do my skull rating on this because it is a review after all and I do discuss what I like and don't like. I give this episode 4 out of 5 Skulls.