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A late Music Mondays, Aiden Scavengers of the Damned:

Aiden is an American rock band from Seattle, Washington that formed in the spring of 2003. They took their name from the character in the movie The Ring, although with a different spelling (with an 'e' instead of an 'a'). The current members are WiL Francis (vocals, guitar, piano, lyrics), Jake Davison (drums), Nick Wiggins (bass), and Angel Ibarra (lead guitar). Wil originally played bass but took over lead vocals when the original singer left.

Their first full-length album Our Gang's Dark Oath was released on Dead Teenager Records in 2004. It was recorded while Jake Davison and Angel Ibarra were still in high school, being released shortly after they had left.
Later in 2005, the band were signed to Victory Records. Their second album and debut for Victory Records titled Nightmare Anatomy was released October 4, 2005.
Aiden contributed a cover of Nirvana's "Drain You" to Higher Voltage, a CD given away free with Kerrang! magazine.
Aiden latest full length album entitled Knives was released on May 12, 2009 (May 11 in the UK). On March 31, 2009, a new single, "Scavengers of the Damned," was made available through iTunes, the second single being Let The Right One In.


Wil Francis - Lead vocals, piano (2003–present) Rhythm guitar (2008–present)
Nick Wiggins - Bass,screams,backing vocals (2003–present)
Angel Ibarra - Lead guitar, backing vocals (2003–present)
Jake Davison - Drums, percussion (2003–present)


2004: Our Gang's Dark Oath
2005: Nightmare Anatomy
2007: Conviction
2009: Knives

This is one of my favorite bands and you don't hear a lot about them and that really should change cause they're amazing! I heard about this band back in 2007 when their CD Conviction came out but I never really gave it a second listen to you would say. You see back in 2007 I was still trying to "find" myself and I didn't know who I was or who I was suppose to be so I was very confused and irritated cause I had one group of people telling me who I am and who I should be, then there was me who knew what type of person I was and who I wanted to be. To be honest no one knows the real you but YOU and no one can tell you otherwise, you just need to believe it yourself and not let yourself believe what everyone else says cause they don't know. That's why I love Aiden, they are one of the bands that actually helped me get through my struggle with trying to find my inner self. My Chemical Romance is the band that helped the most with this along with helping me get through other personal struggles but that's a different story. Besides MCR, Aiden helped with the rest and you can truly tell that they are the type of band that wants to be there for their fans and help them through any rough spot that they might go through and you can see that in their music and the way that they act towards their fans.

If you haven't heard of Aiden or you haven't given them a second look I highly suggest that you do cause they are such an amazing band and they are also a horror influenced band which is another thing that I like about them. With my love for all things horror I love that this is a horror rock band and any other horror rock band is good in my book and Aiden displays their horror influence in their music and it totally works for them. The song I chose for Music Mondays: Tuesday's Edition (where Monday came a day late) is Scavengers of the Damned from their latest CD Knives. The song is not only amazing, the music video is pretty rad too.

The Zombie Rabbit Award!! Yay!!!:

I just won the Zombie Rabbit award from Pete over at deadly serious. This is my first award and I'm very honored to be recognized by someone like Pete who by the way has a awesome blog! Thanks a million Pete!! :D


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Friday, August 27, 2010

Review, The Last Exorcism:

I like to start out this review with how much I loved this movie it was pure awesomeness. Besides Zombies I love anything that has to do with demons and the devil. I must warn you that this review WILL contain spoilers so if you haven't seen the movie I suggest you stop reading right about................. NOW! The movie is about Reverend Cotton Marcus agreeing to let his last exorcism be filmed. It shows him talking about faith and how at one point he questioned his faith in God and didn't really believe in him. I think it's funny how at one point he doesn't believe in God but he continues to spread the gospel, what ever happened to practice what you preach? He talks about when his son was born deaf it helped strengthen his faith in God. This movie also had some humor in it and it wasn't too much either that it ruined the movie, I think it actually helped the movie. My favorite part of the movie was when he was preaching to the people in the church he kept yelling "Praise the Lord!" "Can I get a Amen?!" "When you put the banana nut bread in the oven remember to praise the Lord for blessing you with this banana nut bread!" I can't help but laugh the whole entire time of that scene it was just freakin funny. During that scene my friend who I went to the movie with says to me that's why I don't go to church and I said Amen! lol

He holds up a deck of cards and says that lies have many faces and he shows the Jack card to everyone and says the root of all lies and he is everywhere while he spreads across the deck of cards to show that their all Jack cards and I yell out "Oh snap!" then everyone in the theatre started laughing, yeah I know I'm funny. After all of that he explains to the camera crew that he doesn't believe in exorcisms and he thinks their nothing but scams and he wants expose them for what they really are. He read a article that a boy was suffocated during an exorcism and he wants this "last exorcism" to help people and have it help save the children from dying. He gets a letter from a man that explains in the letter that he thinks his daughter needs an exorcism since she's acting weird and all of his livestock have been getting killed by his daughter and she doesn't even remember doing it. He brings his camera crew to the outskirts of Louisiana to film him helping this girl. They head down to Sweetzer farm where Louis, Caleb and Nell (who is the girl that's possessed) lives.

While they were driving they stop to ask for directions to the farm and that's where they meet Caleb and he tells them to turn around and go back to where they came from so they drive away and he starts throwing rocks at their car. He sure is one creepy dude. Once they get to the farm and meet everyone he sits down with Nell to talk about her life and see how she's been doing which shows you that she's a very shy and timid girl. She tells them that she doesn't remember ever killing the animals and she's scared cause she doesn't know what's going on. He tells Nell's dad Louis what type of demon that's in Nell then he heads outside to get ready for the exorcism Caleb walks out and tells him that if anything happens to his sister that he will hurt Rev. Cotton and he looks at him all weird like and walks away... CREEEPPPYYY! He blesses Nell's room and ask everyone to come in and have Nell lay on her bed then he performs the "exorcism" while he's doing the exorcism he shows clips of how he performed it and how it was fake to scare everyone into thinking the demon is gone so everyone will be alright. In my opinion I think that little fake exorcism is what brought the demon into Nell's body.

After that Nell starts showing real signs that she's possessed and when they went back to the farm they saw Nell and her dad yelling cause Nell was freaking out at Caleb and slashed his mouth. Cotton is freaking out cause he doesn't know what's going on and he doesn't know what to do. After they take Nell to the hospital they found out that Nell is pregnant and now things are starting to get bad cause their first thought was incest and my first thought was EEEWWW! Nell explains that she was impregnated by Logan the boy who works at the local diner and Cotton calls for help from Pastor Manley from the local Church where Nell use to go to Sunday school at so he head down to the farm to pray with Nell so Cotton and his crew leave and they drive past the local diner where Logan works at and decides to pay him a visit. They ask him about what Nell said and he says that she is lying and he's never done anything with her and he only talked to her for about a min last summer during a event being thrown by Pastor Manley. They realize that Nell was making the whole thing up and Logan didn't knock her up since he's gay and what they didn't get was why Nell was at a summer event with Pastor Manley when he claimed he hasn't seen her for two years.

Something is certainly up so they drive back to the farm and they see big flames roaring in the back yard of the farm and they see a lot of people standing around chanting while Nell is on a table with her legs spread apart and the Pastor's wife is delivering Nell's baby while Pastor Manley is dressed up in a red velvet cloak and chanting some satanic mumbo jumbo. They look through the binoculars and sees that Louis is tied up to something that looked like a tree but it wasn't a tree. Cotton starts praying to his crucifix then he runs out to the fire crying out to the Lord then his camera crew runs off screaming and Iris gets killed so the camera man runs off and he gets to the middle of the woods trying to decide where to go then he turns around and sees Caleb and he was dressed like he was out of Children of the Corn lol then Caleb cuts off his head and the camera falls to the ground then the movie ends. Everyone dies, what a happy ending to a delightful movie. One of the things I liked about this movie is when Cotton is talking about the devil and demons he says if you believe in God then you have to believe in the Devil and I completely agree with that. A lot of people would say I believe in God but not the Devil and I'm here thinking how is that possible, you can't just believe in one of them. I'm not a very religious person I'm a agnostic and I'm anti-religion but I love any movies that have to do with demons, the devil and exorcisms cause I know they can happen.

I believe in order for one's self to be possessed by a demon they have to invite them first. The demon looks for people that have an open door or a crack in the door then they slowly make their way into that person. I do believe you have to let yourself be possessed by the things you are doing. If your not doing anything bad or anything that would give a evil spirit access then you have nothing to worry about. I may not believe in religion but I do believe in God, the devil and the Apocalypse (not talking about the Zombie Apocalypse the other one) now I wont get into that cause that's a whole different story but if you REALLY want to know my belief in the Apocalypse then send me a message and I might tell you ;) I really enjoyed this movie and it wasn't what I expected and a lot better too. If your into demons and the devil and exorcism movies then this is a must see. The first part was a little boring but not too boring to drift off so your still entertained through the movie. Very good exorcism movie, to think that my dad told me not to see this haha! I give this movie 4 out of 5 Skulls.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Horror Meets Fashion Pt.4 Men's Edition Pt.2:

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*Peace, Love and Necrophilia*

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movie Review, Amusement:

I picked up another movie last night (yes I know I have a problem) called Amusement and I just have to say this movie was delightful. Now you must know that I usually never use the world delightful but when I use it to describe a movie then you know I loved it. A lot of people didn't like this movie but I did. Yes this movie had some parts in it that didn't explain certain things and it jumps from one scene to another that didn't piece together and that was the same with the dialogue in some scenes. Other then that I loved this movie, I loved the concept of the movie, the dark and twisted-ness of it and the villain. Oh the villain mmmhmmm I love me the bad boys. The movie starts out showing pictures of three young girls Tabitha, Shelby and Lisa all elementary school age then pictures of them being teenagers in their high school year book with it saying "most likely to succeed", "most likely to shine" and "most likely to be famous." After that it shows pictures of a boy with case files saying he's very dangerous and he's emotionally disturbed. It switches to Shelby and her boyfriend Rob driving down the highway with Rob starting a convoy with the other cars on the road. They pull up to the gas station at the nearest exit to fill up and to meet each other. Rob heads into the gas station while Shelby waits in the car, she looks at the big truck parked next to her and she sees a girl in the window and confused at how the girl is acting. They get back on the road and she sees the girl put a note on the window then throws it out the window and it gets caught on the windshield of Shelby's car and the note reads "Help Me" the girl suddenly comes flying out of the truck hitting their car and lands on the ground. They hurry and stop to run and help the girl and the guy driving behind them stops and yells out to Rob telling him to go and get the truck driver's plates. Rob heads off but ends up losing the truck driver so he stops and gets out of his car to look around and then the guy flips on his lights and starts driving away. Rob jumps in his car and drives back to where Shelby was and finds the other guy laying on the floor beaten up with Shelby and the other girl missing.

He tells Rob that the truck driver came back and took the girls away. He said he went to that old abandoned house up above the road. He tells Rob to wait out here while he goes in to look for the girls. It shows the truck driver talking on the phone saying that he was bringing the girl to rehab. What I don't get is if he was really taking her to rehab why would she call for help and jump out of the truck while it was moving? Suddenly the truck diver gets hit over the head with a baseball bat from the other guy and Rob back in the car hears noises coming from the back seat and he pulls the blanket off and sees the girls sitting there tied up. The other guy walks out of the house with the baseball bat laughing while Shelby is freaking out. He breaks open the window and grabs Rob saying he picked the wrong convoy. I'm still confused about the whole truck driver and the girl, they didn't really piece that together very well. It then shows Tabitha getting her suitcase out of her car and heading into her Aunt's house since she was spending a couple of days there. Her cousins inform her that their babysitter already left so she gets them ready for bed when the doorbell rings. She heads over and says hello to the guy outside of the door, apparently he was the boyfriend of the babysitter and she didn't show up to cheer leading practice so he's worried about her. Tabitha gets the kids in bed and she heads off to the guest bedroom where there's a creepy looking clown sitting in the rocking chair. If that was me I wouldn't be able to sleep in that room. She lays down then the phone rings and it's her aunt checking up on them Tabitha tells her aunt that the clown in her room is really creepy and she hates it so her aunt ask which one is it now. It looks like they have a lot of clowns in their house, she describes the clown and her aunt tells her that they don't have a clown like that so Tabitha freaks out cause the clown isn't sitting in the chair anymore. That's just like that urban legend of the clown, it looks like a lot of movies are coming from urban legends.

Tabitha runs into her cousins room and locks the door and tells the boys to wake up, they tell her that he just wants to have some fun and he was the guy who came to the door earlier. The evil guy shoves some weird knife thingy threw the door so she tells them to climb out the window and run and get help. He breaks threw the door while Tabitha is climbing outside the window and she falls onto the ground. She runs to the shed and looks for things to protect herself, she opens one of the cabinet doors and the babysitters dead body falls on top of Tabitha knocking her down to the ground. The evil clown guys runs into the shed laughing all creepy like and holds up his knife weapon like he's going to kill her. After that it shows Tabitha in the police department, the cop ask her if there is anyone that would want to hurt her or if she remembers what the man who attacked her looked like. Tabitha doesn't speak so he storms off then the trauma counselor comes into the room to ask her questions. The questions she ask Tabitha triggers flashbacks from when she was in elementary school. It's show n'tell at Briar Hills Elementary and a group of friends show each other what they brought to school. They have to make their show n' tell project in a box with a hole so you can look inside and see what it is. The little boy looked in all of his friends boxes. Tabitha's box was an amusement park with clowns, Shelby's was the highway with trees and a sports car, and Lisa's was a sleep over with all her friends. Tabitha tells the boy that she wants to see what he made so she looks in and gets upset and glares at him. Then he says "It's funny... right?" Tabitha cries out "No. It isn't!." Later it shows him looking into his box smiling and it shows a mouse strapped up in wires pulling it's arms and legs apart with it's stomach cut open showing his insides. After that the trauma counselor asks Tabitha about her friend Lisa then it switches to her "story" Lisa and her friend Cat are at the bar checking out some guy that just moved into town who's staying at a really ghetto hotel. Cat goes out with the guy and never comes home that night so the next day when she's still not home Lisa heads over to the hotel with her boyfriend to see where she is. The hotel attendant wont let Lisa in since all the beds are full so he shuts the peep whole. Lisa's boyfriend gets in to see if he can find Cat but never comes out so after 3 hours of Lisa being alone she sneaks into the hotel and finds a deaf guy sitting on the bed. She tries to explain to him what's going on but he doesn't know where anyone is and he tells her that the guy who runs the hotel wont let them leave. He grabs her and tells her to hide so he wont find her so she's laying on the bed and sees a figure of a face showing through the sheets, she freaks out and jumps off the bed then takes off the covers to find that her friend is chained up inside the bed, then Lisa gets trapped inside the hotel.

It switches back to Tabitha in the police department and the counselor asks her about her friends Shelby and Lisa and she informs her she hasn't seen them since Briar Hills and the counselor tells her that she had a patient a few years ago who went to Briar Hills and he had the most distinctive laugh. She also tells her that she and her friends were found in separate cells in some old building. The counselor leaves to make a phone call and Tabitha freaks out then the door opens so she's able to leave the room. She runs out of the room and it looks to be like she's in some weird building that apparently she was found in cause that sure doesn't look like the police department. That's one of the things I had a problem with was it shows her in a room that looks like she's in the police department but when she leaves it looks like she's in some boiler room. She sees someone laying on the floor so the cop who was talking to her earlier walks up shining his flash light and bends down to look at the body on the ground and it's the counselor dead. The cop starts laughing this creepy evil laugh so Tabitha runs off screaming and he chases her down to where she gets to a room and he locks her in it. The lights turn on and it shows Lisa on her left side and Shelby on her right side chained up with their arms and legs spread apart and their stomachs cut open showing their insides, just like that little mouse when they were kids. The guy we'll call him the "laugh" since he doesn't have a name in the movie, so The Laugh goes up to Shelby with a knife pointing to her stomach like he's going to cut her then he looks at Tabitha, smiles then says "It's funny... right?" that's when she realizes who he is then he rips off the body suit that makes it look like their stomach is cut open. He goes to stab Shelby's real stomach and Tabitha starts to laugh so he walks over to her and they just laugh their little heads off and he opens the sliding glass door to let Tabitha out so she climbs out still laughing then she stabs him in the neck and runs to help Lisa and Shelby. They run out of the room and Lisa gets stabbed by The Laugh and Tabitha and Shelby run off trying to climb up a ladder to escape the building and he runs after them and climbs up, grabs Shelby's leg and pulls her down but she grabs onto him which pulls him down as well and they fall to the ground. Shelby dies but The Laugh survives of course and Tabitha runs in a "room" which ends up being a truck and they drive away but the truck stops driving and wont start back up again then The Laugh opens up the peep hole to look inside and which is where Tabitha grabs his knife weapon thingy that he used when he was dressed up as a clown and she shoves it through the door and it goes through his head and kills him and Tabitha says "Now that was funny." She drives away and the voice over at the end explains that the joke when they were little crossed the line which they made fun of him and he was sent away and they all forgot about him but he didn't forget about them and now Tabitha can't get his laugh out of her head.

Now that's why you don't make fun of other people cause you don't know if their slightly off their rocker and you making fun of them is just the tip of the ice burg to send them over the edge. Growing up in school I didn't tease or bully or make fun of the other kids cause they were weird in fact I was the one who was teased by the other kids cause I wore hearing aides and I needed to get special treatment from the teachers since I couldn't hear them. Now I'm not saying I'm just like The Laugh cause I'm not messed up in the head well not that messed up and I'm not going around trying to seek revenge on the people who teased me cause to be honest there's just too many of them that I don't have the time and effort to go through all that hassle lol. I really, really liked this movie cause it's dark and twisted and creepy and the villain is my favorite part of the movie cause his laugh is just a pleasant thing to hear and I would love to listen to that all day (yeah I know I'm weird) I understand that this movie could of been done a lot better and it was a B movie and it shows that with the special effects and acting but besides that and the things I mentioned above this movie is still pretty good. The concept of the movie, the darkness of it, the twisted side and shows what could really happen if you tease and bully other kids and you take it too far. Like I said before give peace a chance man! I love this movie and I definitely recommend it to everyone who likes B horror movies cause it's just delightful. I give this movie 4 1/2 out of 5 Skulls.

"It's funny... right?" - The Laugh

Friday, August 20, 2010

Zombie Fridays Ep. 2, Outbreaks:


Although each zombie attack is different, given the number, terrain, reaction of the general populace, etc., it's level of intensity can be measured in four distinct classes.

*At the behest of the filmmakers and/or their estates, the titles of those movies based on true-life stories have been omitted.

CLASS 1: This is a low-level outbreak, usually in a Third World country or First World rural area. The number of zombies in this class of outbreak ranges between one and twenty. Total human casualties (including those infected) range from one to fifty. The total duration, from the first case to the last (known), will range between twenty-four hours and fourteen days. The infested area will be small, no larger than a twenty-mile radius. In many cases, natural boundaries will determine it's limits. Response will be light, either exclusively civilian or with some additional help from local law enforcement. Media coverage will be light, if present at all. If the media is present, look for common stories like homicides or "accidents." This is the most common type of out-break and also the easiest to go unnoticed.

CLASS 2: Urban or densely populated rural areas are included in this level of out-break. Total zombies will range between twenty and one hundred. Total human casualties may reach as high as several hundred. The duration of a Class 2 attack may last no longer than a Class 1 outbreak, In some cases, the larger number of zombies will spark a more immediate response. A rural, sparsely populated outbreak may extend to a several blocks. Suppression will almost certainly be organized. Bands of civilians will be replaced by local, state, even federal law enforcement. Look for an additional, if low-level, military response, the National Guard in the United States or it's equivalent abroad. Most often, so as to ease panic, these units will take a more noncombatant role, providing medical assistance, crowd control, and logistical support. Class 2 outbreaks almost always attract the press. Unless the attack occurs in a truly isolated area of the world, or one where the media is strictly controlled, the story will be reported. This does not mean, however, that it will be reported accurately.

CLASS 3: A true crisis. Class 3 outbreaks, more than any other, demonstrate the clear threat posed by the living dead. Zombies will number in the thousands, encompassing an area of several hundred miles. The duration of the attack and a possible lengthy mop-up process could last as long as several months. There will be no chance for a press blackout or cover-up. Even without media attention, the sheer magnitude of the attack will leave too many eyewitnesses. This is a full-blown battle, with law enforcement replaced by units of the regular military. A state of emergency will be declared for the infested zone, as well as the neighboring areas. Expect martial law, restricted travel, rationed supplies, federalized services, and strictly monitored communication. All these measures, however, will take time to implement. The initial phase will be one of chaos as those in power come to grips with the crisis. Riots, looting, and widespread panic will add to their difficulties, further delaying an effective response. While this is happening, those living within the infested area will be at the mercy of the undead. Isolated, abandoned, and surrounded by ghouls, they will have only themselves to depend on.

*Information from the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks
Music video: Dragula by Rob Zombie

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review, Pumpkin Head 2:

I went to Wal-mart and picked up some $5 movies since I needed to update my collection and one of the dvd's I bought was a 4 pack combo which included 4 horror movies. One of the horror movies it came with and the one that I watched tonight was Pumpkin Head 2. I haven't seen the first Pumpkin Head but the sequel was just outstanding. I actually loved this movie and it was really good. Anyone who is in need of a cheesy, happy horror movie then you need to check out Pumpkin Head, I swear this movie is a classic in the making. Pumpkin Head 2 starts in the year 1958 where it shows a deformed boy Tommy playing in the field by his house. The cool popular guys which I like to call them the douche bag squad show up to bully Tommy. They begin to beat him with a baseball bat and hook him up to a chain, the main douche bag starts slashing him with his knife. All while this is going on Tommy's mother (I think it's his mother) is collapsed on the ground moaning in pain, it looks as though she can feel the pain Tommy is going through. The end up killing Tommy then it switches to present day. A new family moves into town with their daughter Jenny and her dad as the town's sheriff. Jenny becomes friends with a group of kids who like to call themselves bad asses cause they drink, smoke and ditch school. Jenny starts dating Danny which doesn't make her dad happy with all the obvious reasons and he forbids her from ever hanging out with them. Later that night Jenny sneaks out of her house to meet up with them and they cruise down the road acting all crazy having a good time. Danny thought it would be fun to drive with his headlights off and ends up hitting a random old lady that was walking along the road. They jump out of the car yelling all freaked out and they come to find that the old lady is gone and she's no where to be found. Danny tries to convince them that they should leave cause she's most likely fine since she got up and walked away. Jenny wasn't having it since a hit and run is a big deal so they head down to her house cause Danny knows where she lives. They get to the old lady's house and they start searching through her house to see if they could find her. The come across some weird voodoo like spells and props and realizes that the vile of blood and the spell on the table is to bring the dead back to life. Danny decides to keep it and puts it in his pocket and the old lady shows up. Jenny informs her that they were just looking to see if she was alright and that they didn't see her out on the road and they were very sorry. They head out of the house but the old lady stops Danny and tells him to give her the vile of blood cause it's very dangerous. He doesn't want to give it back to her so he tries to get out of the house but she blocks him and tries to grab it out of his hand. Danny hits her over the head with his flash light and heads out the door.

Once they get out to the cemetery that's located in the old lady's yard they dig up a grave to perform the spell to bring back the dead. Oh my hell are you people really that stupid?! If you had a spell that could bring back the dead don't try to do it, even if you didn't believe in it don't try it cause you don't know what type of stuff your dealing with. Stupid idiots! After they perform the spell and nothing happens they leave the cemetery and find that the old lady's house is on fire. Jenny starts freaking out saying they need to go in and help her but they grab her and they head off to Danny's car. The next morning their all worried about what's going to happen cause they feel responsible for the fire. What they don't know that when the fire was spreading the old lady cries out "Feel the wrath of PUMPKIN HEAD!" during that night Pumpkin Head came back to life cause it looks like that spell actually worked. The local farmer walks into the sheriffs office telling him that he's back and he's here to seek revenge. The sheriff of course has no idea what he's talking about but the farmer tells him to ask the Mayor and the judge what's going on. That night Pumpkin Head returns to the farm and kills the Farmer. While he's killing the farmer it shows the old lady in the hospital having something on the line of a panic attack and she has them every time Pumpkin Head kills a person. Isn't she attached to monitors that let the nurses know that she's having a panic attack or if she's in stress? I guess they weren't plugged in. The next night it shows him going after a couple that just finished their nightly "bump in the night" shin dig and he kills the man and leaves the girl, which I don't know why cause I would of killed her too instead of letting her go. The Sheriff and the mortician try to figure out what's going on and who's causing all these murders. They stumble across the local legend of Pumpkin Head and the Sheriff starts to believe that HE'S causing the murders but it just doesn't seem possibly. Jenny and Danny and their friends are all freaking out since everyone in town is getting murdered but Danny in sits on everyone keeping their mouths shut. The murders keep on going and the Sheriff puts all the pieces together since everyone who got murdered is connected in a way which leads him back to the legend of Pumpkin Head and how he's really Tommy seeking revenge on the kids who killed him. The movie continues with Pumpkin Head killing everyone that was involved in his murder including Danny and his friends but letting Jenny survive since her dad saved his life once when they were kids. The local towns people ban together and kill Pumpkin Head while it shows flash backs of Tommy's death. This movie had some similarities of Friday The 13Th. Both Tommy and Jason were deformed and killed by the local kids who always picked on them. Tommy died in 1958, Jason died in 1959 and they both came back to seek revenge on the people who wronged them.

The moral of this story is that you should never pick on someone just because they look different then you cause it's not only mean and wrong but you never know if their going to turn out to be another Jason Voorhees. Why can't kids just get along and be friends, why do they have to be rude to one another and bully other kids around? Give peace a chance man. I give this movie 5 out of 5 Skulls

Review, Turistas:

I remember watching the previews for this movie but I never gave it a second thought until now. I've heard from several people that this movie was good and I should check it out. It's a Hostel type of movie but some say it's better then Hostel. Turistas is about a group of friends heading to Brazil for a summer get away. While their on the bus going to their destination the stupid bus driver doesn't know that when he drives he needs to pay attention to the road instead of honking at people on motorcycles. He ends up almost crashing into another car so he serves away and the bus lands on the edge of a cliff. Everyone freaks out and starts climbing out of the windows so they wouldn't be stuck inside the bus when it goes crashing down the cliff. After the bus falls down the hill they all go to collect all of their belongings and wait for the next bus to come along which is when they find out that the next bus doesn't come for another 10 hours. One of the girls Bea takes a picture of a little boy and his dad freaks out and starts yelling at her in Portuguese which causes a big fight between him and her friends. Pru who happens to speak Portuguese informs her that they don't like when you take photographs of their children without permission because apparently there's a group going around who kidnaps children and steals their organs. After that little pow wow they decide to take a tour down to the main ocean of the island since they saw two girls walking by them with coconut drinks. They get to this beautiful beach with a lot of people hanging around and having a good time so they all agree to stay there instead of waiting for the new bus to come. (bad idea) Later that night they kick off their vacation attending a local party at the beach and they get drunk and party hard. A random guy named Kiko comes up to Pru and tells her that he's been practicing on his English and he was wondering if he could try it out on her, she of course says yes. I guess her mother never taught her the rule "Don't talk to strangers" He starts out with what is you're name and continues to ask her how many brothers and sisters do you have. If some random , strange guy comes up to you and asks you how many siblings do you have don't tell him just make it up. You have no idea what he's up too and why he wants to know that, besides it's none of his damn business.

They wake up the next morning all hungover and realize that they've been robbed and they were probably drugged. Gee I wonder what gave them that idea, maybe it was the suddenly passing out and getting woken up by the ocean waves and not being able to remember what happened the night before thing. Yeah I think that's it. Kiko tells him that it's not safe for them to be out here so he's going to take them to his uncle Zamora's house where they'll be safe. I say you should ditch Kiko cause he's been nothing but bad luck since the moment you met him and just go wait for the bus to come. I wish people would listen to me, I do know what I'm talking about. They start hiking to Zamora's house and they come across a water fall where everyone decides to jump in and have a little fun. Kiko jumps in after everyone and accidentally hits his head on the rocks which cracks his head open. They pick him up and proceed to his house where they can clean him up and help him. They get to his house and they search for stuff to stop the bleeding and Finn finds a staple gun and staples kikos open wound shut so he would stop bleeding. Later that night Zamora returns to his house with his minions or followers you would call them and begins to yell at Kiko in Portuguese so you have no idea what their yelling about. One of his followers asks them if they were the Americans and they said yes so she said run and their like what? Then she says what you need to do is run. That man over there has some big plans for you. Some pretty fucked up plans. They just stand there staring at her with a confused look on their face. I don't know about you but if someone says they have some pretty fucked up plans in stored for me I wouldn't just stand there scratching my head all confused like I would get the hell out of that house while screaming my head off. He throws them all in cages expect for Amy and Finn, he straps down Amy and injects her with some medicine through a I.V. which makes her incoherent and begins to "operate" on her while Finn is tied up to a bed a few feet away watching while the evil surgeon Zamora is removing her organs.

Alex, Bea, Pru and Liam are caged up trying to figure out a way to escape while Dr. Zamora is telling Amy that in America a person has to wait 7 years for an organ but in Europe it's longer which is why he's taking her organs so he can give them to the children in his hospital. Just to let you know that isn't necessarily true, you see when my nephew was on the donor list he waited 12 days then he got his heart. I'm just saying. Also Why does everyone result to the finders keepers rule??? You think kidnapping someone and drugging them up and taking their organs is finders keepers losers weepers? Well it's losers weepers alright. They all escape and run off while Liam gets shot and dragged away by Zamora and his follower. Kiko takes them back to the water fall so they can swim across the island to get back from where they came. That scene was pretty boring just nothing but them swimming around coming out of the water gasping for air. I know that scene needed to be in the movie but I think they could of cut it down a little cause it was a little too long and boring which made me start to daydream. Kiko gets killed and the Zamora's followers gets killed after which helps them be able to escape and get out of the water and onto dry land. They come face to face with the evil surgeon and Alex begins to fight him since he has so much rage inside of him because of what happened and Zamora's other follower runs up with his gun pointing at them ready to shoot.

Zamora yells at him saying kill them, kill them! And Pru begs him to let them go since they haven't caused any harm towards him and how he doesn't have to be like him cause he treats him like crap. Zamora calls him a coward which sends him over the edge so he kills Zamora and walks away. They run out of the cave and get to the town where they can rest and get their stuff to get on a plane to bring them back to America, The End. I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit which I wasn't sure I was going to. I hear from a lot of people that I should see this movie or see that movie because it's really good but it never comes through for me. I'm usually left feeling disappointed or pissed cause it didn't turn out the way everyone said it should or the trailer was misleading and got my hopes up. I know we all have our different opinions but you would think if a butt load of people said the movie was awesome you would expect the movie TO BE awesome. After watching this movie I don't want to go to Brazil or Europe anymore. The thought of someone kidnapping you and stealing you're organs is creepy and it could happen. Ever heard of that urban legend where you wake up in a tub of ice with one of you're organs missing? Yeah that's it. With my luck if I actually go to any of those places I WILL wake up in a tub of ice with my organs stolen. Yes I know this could happen in America but you don't see any of these types of movies being set in America, now do you? I give this movie 4 1/2 out of 5 Skulls.

"Ah crap, they took my freakin kidney!"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel:

I've been having some trouble with writers block lately and I can't think of some interesting things to talk about on my blog or to post. Even though I occasinaily hit a wall I can see the light at the end of the tunnel grant it it's hell fire but I still see it and I have high hopes with what I can accomplish. If anyone has anything they would like me to talk about just let me know I'll be happy to discuss anything (almost anything) Also if there is any movies you want me to review just leave the name of the movie in a comment and I'll look into it. I would like to thank all of my followers for reading my blog and for all the nice comments. Tell all you're friends and help get the word out and spread the fear! - JennyB P.s. I like to end this post with the music video for Avenged Sevenfold's "A little piece of Heaven"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Review, Shutter Island:

I bought the book and I was planning on reading it before I saw the movie but that didn't fall through like I was hoping and I watched the movie first. To be honest I haven't even started reading the book, with working in retail full time I find little time to be able to even read it, blah. I was told by everyone who saw it that they liked this movie a lot so again I was looking forward to see it. The movie starts out with Marshell Teddy Daniels riding on a ferry with his partner Chuck Aule to the mental institution for the criminally insane on Shutter Island. They were informed that a patient named Rachel has escaped from the institution and they need to figure out what happened and where she is. The one thing I have a problem with this movie is when they were driving up to the hospital they played very hard, dark music. Yes we know that their going to a scary hospital do they really need to play very intense music to let us know that their going to a bad place? I think the music was going a little over board to make us scared.

They get to the hospital and start interviewing all the patients and workers to find out where Rachel escaped too. Teddy starts having migraines so the chief gives him aspirin to help his headache. Once Teddy gets to the institution he begins to have illusions about his Wife who was killed two years prior. He figures out that there was no way that Rachel could escape from her room with no shoes and with bars on the window without having any help. Teddy soon realizes that everyone that is working at the institution is acting very weird so he decides to get to the bottom of it and searches the whole island where he sees a flickering light coming from a cave. He climbs up and finds a woman living in the cave and she tells him that she's Rachel and she escaped from the hospital and that she wasn't a patient there she was a doctor. She later tells him that the main doctor, Dr. Cawley does tests on all the patients which screws up their brain and leaves them unable to fend for themselves.

He gets back to the hospital and tells the doctor that he figured everything out and he's not going to get away with what he's doing. Dr. Cawley tells him that he is not Marshell Teddy Daniels and he's really a patient at Shutter Island and he's been here for two years for killing his wife since she drowned all their kids. He suffers from a form of multiple personalities and they thought if they let him live out his "other" life he would come to terms with who he really was and his other life was just a little fantasy that his mind lived in. After watching this movie it made me start to think about all of our fantasies and how crazy we really are for having them. I mean if we let our minds wander we can think up some crazy shit, I know I have. It also shows that nothing and no one is normal nowadays. We are all crazy and we all have things that were into that makes us weird or a little off our rocker, we just need to decide whether to accept our craziness and embrace it. I choose to embrace it and show the world how crazy I am cause I'm not ashamed it's who I am and it makes me ME. I give his movie 4 out of 5 Skulls.

Happy Friday The 13Th!!!!:

Hello my little Demons! I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Friday The 13Th! Stay out of the lake and if you see a crazy looking man wearing a hockey mask coming towards you run the other way :D

Zombie Fridays Ep. 1: How a zombie is born:

ZOM-BIE: (Zom'be) n. also ZOM-BIES p1. 1An animated corpse that feeds on living human flesh. 2. A voodoo spell that raises the dead. 3. A voodoo snake god. 4. One who moves or acts in a daze "like a zombie" [a word of West African Origin]

What is a zombie? How are they created? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their needs, their desires? Why are they hostile to humanity? Before discussing any survival techniques, you must first learn what you are trying to survive. We must begin by separating fact from fiction. The walking dead are neither a work of "black magic" nor any other supernatural force. Their origin stems from a virus known as Solanum, a Latin word used by Jan Vanderhaven, who first "discovered" the disease. Solanum works by traveling through the bloodstream, from the initial point of entry to the brain. Through means not yet fully understood, the virus uses the cells of the frontal lobe for replication, destroying them in the process. During this period, all bodily functions cease. By stopping the heart, the infected subject is rendered "dead." The brain, however, remains alive but dormant, while the virus mutates its cells into a completely new organ. The most critical trait of this new organ is its independence from oxygen. By removing the need for this all-important resource, the undead brain can utilize, but is in no way dependent upon, the complex support mechanism of the human body. Once mutation is complete, this new organ reanimates the body into a form that bears little resemblance (physiologically speaking) to the original corpse. Some bodily functions remain constant, others operate in a modified capacity, and the remainder shut down completely. This new organism is a zombie, a member of the living dead.


Unfortunately, extensive research has yet to find an isolated example of Solanum in nature. Water, air, and soil in all ecosystems, from all parts of the world, have turned up negative, as have their accompanying flora and fauna. At the time of this writing, the search continues.


The timetable below outlines the process of an infected human (give or take several hours, depending on the individual).

Hour 1: Pain and discoloration (brown-purple) of the infected area. Immediate clotting of the wound (provided the infection came from a wound).

Hour 5: Fever (99 - 103 degrees F), chills, slight dementia, vomiting, acute pain in the joints.

Hour 8: Numbing of extremities and infected area, increased fever (103 - 106 degrees F), increased dementia, loss of muscular coordination.

Hour 11: Paralysis in the lower body, overall numbness, slowed heart rate.

Hour 16: Coma.

Hour 20: Heart stoppage. Zero brain activity.

Hour 23: Reanimation.

And that's how a Zombie is born, when you think about it becoming a zombie isn't really too far fetched all you need is the right tools to make a zombie and once someone is a zombie they just need to eat other people so the zombie-ness can spread through the world. BRING ON THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Tune in next Friday for Ep. 2 of Zombie Fridays, to end this episode here is a music video from Rob Zombie. *Infromation from the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review, After. Life:

I rented the movie After Life the other night (thank you redbox) and I have mixed feelings about this movie. I remember seeing the preview for this movie and I was really excited to see it cause it looked really good but it kinda fell flat for me, don't get me wrong it was a really good movie but it didn't turn out as good as I thought it would. It was the type of movie that they make look really good in the trailer but the whole entire movie doesn't hold up to the expectations. I understand that they need to put a lot of the good parts into the trailer to make the movie look good so people will want to see it but they need to keep a lot of the good parts in the actual movie so it doesn't suck and people wont be pissed cause the trailer was misleading.

Now this movie didn't turn out as bad as that but it wasn't perfect. After Life is about a girl Anna Taylor a school teacher played by Christina Ricci living with her boyfriend Paul Coleman played by Justin Long. He's such a weird guy, there's something about him that just bothers me. The movie starts out with them doin' the nasty and I suddenly felt awkward cause Anna wasn't into it as much as you would think someone should be. They end up fighting about how she's not into it like she use to, apparently that offended him. Anna heads off to work where in her class room there's two big kids picking on a little kid named Jack so Anna breaks up the fight and begins to talk about funerals to Jack. Anna goes to the funeral of her relative and that's where the funeral home director Eliot Deacon See's Anna for the first time. After the funeral Anna heads to a restaurant to meet Paul for dinner, they order their meals and Paul begins to tell her how he feels and she freaks cause he thinks Paul is going to dump her when he really was going to propose to her. Maybe if you don't freak out and wait for him to finish what he was going to say you would know that he wants to marry you and not dump you.

She storms off and drives away all pissed crying her eyes out and she ends up getting in a car crash. She wakes up confused at where she is and ask where is she and Eliot tells her that she's in the funeral home , she got in a car crash and she died. Anna tries desperately to tell him that she's not dead and she's alive but he keeps telling her that she's in denial and everyone goes through that stage before they accept that their really dead. Through out the movie Anna tries to escape the funeral home but that doesn't work cause she's "dead". Jack keeps showing up to the funeral home and talking to Eliot since his teacher dying sparked his interest in death. I think we have a necrophiliac in the making. After a long time of fighting Anna finally accepts the fact that she's dead and Eliot gets her ready for her funeral. She ask if she can see herself one last time and he gives her a mirror and she breaths out and notices her breath on the mirror and realizes that if she's REALLy dead there wouldn't be any breath on the mirror and she cries out "you lied to me! You lied to me!" Eliot grabs the mirror and tells her that she's dead and she needs to stop telling herself other wise and then he injects some medicine into her which paralyzes her and slows down her heart rate and makes her look as though she was really dead.

After the funeral Paul Anna's boyfriend is convinced that she's not dead and rushes to the cemetery to dig her up but he ends up getting in a crash, stupid idiots! When it's bad weather don't speed and pay attention to the road or you are going to get in a car crash and you will die. He wakes up to find himself in the funeral home with Eliot telling him that he's dead and guess who is with Eliot helping him with his job??? You guessed it, Jack is there helping him with everything cause it looks like Eliot brained washed him into thinking that the dead talk to him and they always try to go on telling them that their not dead, then the movie is over. I liked the movie but it wasn't as good as I thought. Nothing bad but also nothing great.
I give this movie 4 out of 5 Skulls.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Horror Movie Poster (Children Of The Corn):

Today's Sunday Horror Movie Poster 8-8-10 is Children Of The Corn the original. I love this movie so much, it's one of my favorites. A lot of horror movies nowadays spend too much time on the movie and less time on the poster. Yes I know the movie is the main thing everyone should spend their time on but that doesn't mean they should let the movie poster suffer. A lot of posters you can totally tell they didn't do a damn thing to make it look good, you would thing they'd at least try to make it look half way decent but nope. I like the poster for Children Of The Corn because it looks perfect, you can tell they actually tried to make it look good. It's dark, it's creepy and it shows you a little of what you're going to expect without giving it all away which leaves the rest to you're imagination. It's just wonderful and they did a very good job. Job well done guys!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why the shock value is important for horror:

For horror movies there's certain things that are a must have. Blood. Lots and lots of blood, dumb teenagers, the killer, and something to shock the pants off of you. In horror movies there is always something that makes you go WTF!! Most of the horror movie nowadays are going for the typical scenario and they leave nothing for the imagination. It's usually about a bunch of teenagers having a party and one of their friends stumble away from the group and gets themselves killed. Suddenly the lights go out and everyone panics then it becomes the battle to survive blah, blah, blah. Where's the fun in that?! If you really want a good horror movie you have to go for the ones that don't follow the rules. What I like about the movie "The Human Centipede" is it doesn't follow the rules and it's the type of movie that no one has ever thought about doing cause nobody wanted to take that chance and go for the WTF reaction. I think it's because their too afraid to take that chance and they don't know how the audience will react to their work. People just need to take the chance and whatever happens will happen. You're never going to know unless you try and go out and just do it.

A good horror movie is disturbing, creepy and you leave the theatre feeling gross and uneasy. You don't go to a horror movie to laugh or to feel warm and fuzzy inside. You go to a horror movie to get the crap scared out of you and to feel disturbed. It's like one big roller coaster, you go up and down to the side, under the chair, face buried in the box of you're popcorn. You're emotions are all over the place then you get the sudden urge to vomit all along with a great storyline and concept. Now THAT is a good horror movie. What sucks is you don't see that in horror movies anymore. Nowadays all you see is remakes, movies coming out in 3D. Where's the originality? No one's willing to go out and take the chance on a movie concept cause their afraid it's going to be controversial. When you think about it everything in this world is controversial, it's not that it's really controversial it's just another thing for people to complain about cause their easily offended. Nobody likes to feel creeped out or disturbed so that's why they don't go to movies that make them feel like that.

For me I love that feeling, I crave it. It's a adrenaline rush, like a high and it makes me feel good. When I come home and I show my mom the movies I bought which of course are all horror movies, she laughs and says why don't you watch movies that make you happy and bring up you're spirits, well I do. Horror movies makes me happy cause it's something that I love and live for it's something that I revolve my life around. I like anything that shocks people like style of clothing, make-up, music and movies which is why I love horror movies. I'm just a twisted person. Not the type of twisted that you should be locked in a mental asylum, I'm just twisted in the way I think and the movies I like.

"If you're not out shocking people then you're just plain boring" - Jenny Krueger

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Movie From M. Night Shyamalan:

According to FEARnet M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie coming out this fall titled "Devil" and the trailer was recently released at Comic Con and I hate to say it, no that's not true I look forward to say this, the trailer was greeted by a huge form of laughter. Sorry M. Night I think you're new movie is in trouble. It's about 5 strangers getting stuck in a elevator and one of them is not who they seem. Gee I wonder why, maybe it's because their the Devil. A lot of people say that he's a "one hit wonder" I disagree cause I didn't think any of his movies were good except Sixth Sense. I'm sorry but M. Night Shyamalan-ding dong is one of the worst directors in Hollywood and he needs to go away. Signs was just awful not even scary and to make it worse it was about Aliens and everyone knows I hate aliens. I heard The Happening sucked and no one really talked about that movie. Lady in the water bombed do I really need to explain why? Cause I'm pretty sure everyone knows why. The Village was okay wasn't great but wasn't awful. That being said he produced a crap load of shitty movies and he needs to stop making them.
I'll check this movie out on the mere fact of what it's about since my favorite things in horror movies are zombies, demons, ghosts, devil possession, and the devil and I'm trying to give him a chance even though I'm pretty sure this movie is going to suck. M. Night Shyamalan-ding dong is a ding dong that's why I call him that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

When Horror Meets Fashion Pt. 3 Mens Edition:

I decided to do this When Horror Meets Fashion for the guys. The last two When Horror Meets Fashion was only about clothes for girls, well I'm going to do clothes for guys since not all of my followers are girls.

I really like this hoodie, this is the type of hoodie I would wear even though it's a men's hoodie.
Black Hooded Zip Front Sweatshirts the Slim Cut Guys Lightweight Hoodie Features A Metal Zipper, Good Size Hood And Pockets. Punk And Tattoo Screen Printed Designs. It reads "attack of brain eating corpses". Hoodie by Too Fast

This shirt is seriously amazing, who wouldn't love a shirt with a picture of Frankenstein sporting a Mohawk??? XXX-LonGuys Slim Cut Punk And Tattoo T-Shirts! Now this Guys Tees Are Truly Slim Cut And So Much Better Fitting. Made Of 100% Pima Cotton, Preshrunk, vintage feel.. Art by Dawni, Shirt by Too Fast

Not a lot of guys can pull off this type of shirt (in my opinion) without looking too preppy. With this style of shirt you can wear it without it making you look preppy cause it has a lot of edge to it and looks very good. Guys short sleeve western button up shirt. Roses on front and born to lose screen printed design on back. This speaks for Itself! Shirt by Steady.

I really like these type of pants on guys cause they always look good. Grey Rocker 5 Pocket Stretch Twill Pegged Jeans. Great Fit. Pants by Tripp NYC. Their also 26% off so if any guy buy these pants why don't you come on over and we can try to get them 100% off ;)