Monday, May 7, 2012

May Monster Madness Day 7!! Ft. The Boogeyman

Today is the last day of May Monster Madness. Again, I would like to thank Annie Walls for creating this wonderful bloghop. I would also like to thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment. Much appreciated. For the last post of MMM, I wanted to talk about the King of all Monsters. The Boogeyman.

For centuries, the Boogeyman has been know by all. In modern time and ancient folklore. It's been said that the Boogeyman was created and used by adults to scare their children into good behaviour. The Boogeyman is never shown to us, he is left to our imagination which is why we became so afraid of him. Not knowing what he looks like gives us the ability to create our very own mental picture. The one thing everyone has in common of his looks is that he has a monster like appearance.

In the midwestern states of the US, the Boogeyman scratches at the window. In the Pacific Northwest, he may manifest in "green frog". In other places and the most known, the Boogeyman hides under your bed or in your closet. He doesn't even have to be a person or a monster like Frankenstein or Dracula. He can be anything you're afraid of. The one thing that terrifies you and shakes you to the core could be the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman also has another name. FEAR. The Boogeyman is Fear.

Just like what Freddy Krueger says. He is what Nightmares are made of. Pennywise from Stephen King's IT mentioned that he is everything you ever were afraid of. That people, is the Boogeyman. I like to think of the Boogeyman being someone who controls your inner fears. He'll test you and see what you can and can't handle and once he finds an opening, he takes it. There is no escaping the Boogeyman, even if you have conquered your fears. He's still there, waiting.

I'm not a fan of dolls. I won't have them in my house and I won't buy them for my children when I have them. The reason for that is my childhood and present day fear. The Chucky Doll. I remember when I was about 7 years old, I turned on the T.v. and there was Chucky. I couldn't believe what I just saw. I was frozen with fear and didn't know what to do. That started my never ending fear of Chucky. I didn't even see any of the movies till 8 years later. Me and my cousin watched the 3rd Child's Play in 2003 to help me get over my fear of Chucky. It didn't work, I still think it made it worse. I couldn't see a picture of him or people mentioning his name without me freaking out.
                (I was trying to hold down my vomit when I was googling this picture)

One birthday when I was young, my parents bought me a talking doll. She was about the same height as Chucky and you were able to teach her how to pronounce words by kissing her forehead and she would repeat the words you've said. She was creepy and she scared me. She would be on my bed with the rest of my stuffed animals and I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I put a blanket over her so I couldn't see her. I always felt like she was watching me while I slept. Waiting for the perfect time to knife me. Because of my fear of Chucky, I'm creeped out by dolls, Ventriloquist dummies, puppets. Anything with a doll like feature. Chucky is my Boogeyman, the Puppet Master to my fears.

He's in the back of my mind pulling all the strings, finding something that will scare me or at least creep me out. Something can creep me out but it's nothing compared to scaring. Nothing scares me to the point that it makes me cry except for Chucky. He is the only thing that I am deathly afraid of and nothing can scare me like he can.

Who is your Boogeyman???


  1. Have you ever seen any of the Puppet Master movies? There were awesome killer dolls in that series, and by the second or third movie, they ended up becoming the good guys!

    Great post!

  2. Thank you!! :D I've only see the first one and it scared the junk out of me! LOL!!

  3. That doll your parents gave you does sound pretty damn creepy! It's making me think of the clown doll in 'Poltergeist'. Another great post, Jenny! I'm so glad you joined up with the May Monster Madness fest! :)

  4. Love the very first pic in this post. Wasn't that part in a series of similar fear pictures?

    Anyway, great write-up, about as great and entertaining as all the other monster madness posts. Sorry I didn't leave comments on all of them. I had a shitload of writing to do in the last couple of days, and I'm still behind my schedule.
    Oh btw, Blog Of The Month goes up tomorrow!! :-)


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