Thursday, April 19, 2012

Round 3 Of "You Make Me SCREAM Award"!

Hello my Demons! It's round 3 of the You make me SCREAM award! This time I am featuring Emma from Little Gothic Horrors.

Emma is a good friend of mine and one of my favorite bloggers. I had the joy of meeting her when I became her 50Th follower and she became my 100Th follower. Check her out now. She has almost 300 followers! Emma's blog is beautifully dark and blogs about everything that is elegant and Gothic. She's also a doll maker. I'm not a big fan of dolls but hers are so cute. She's a die hard fan of The Addams Family and Old school Gothic Horror. She resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia with her husband, son and cat named Phoebe.

She posts anything from Delightfully Dark Quotes, Blog hops, Delightfully Dark Art and Delightfully Dark Finds. Her blog is definitely one to check out. She's been a huge gift to my blog. Without her, my Friday the 13Th blogfest wouldn't of been as successful as it was. She made constant tweets and Facebook updates about it. So nice! Thank you Emma!! :)

The rules of the award goes as follows.

Rule 1: A shout out to the person who gave you the award along with a link to their blog.

Rule 2: Tell us 3 randoms facts about you that no one ever would of guessed.

Rule 3: Pass along the award to 1 person who you feel made a huge impact in horror blogging and why you chose him/her.

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