Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Movie Review: The Craft

When I was younger, this movie was on T.V. and my Mom didn't want me to watch it since it was about Witchcraft. Oh please, I've seen worse. The movie is centered around a shy, recluse girl named Sarah who moves to a Catholic prep High School a year or so after she tried to commit suicide. Not knowing anyone and having the popular guy spread a rumor about her since she wouldn't sleep with him, she became friends with 3 outcast girls by the names of Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle who were different in every way. These 3 girls were Witches and they needed a fourth to complete their covenant. They invite Sarah to join their Sisterhood and once she does, the journey of the Wicked Witch begins.

Nancy, the leader of the pack abuses the gift their "God" Manon gave to them. Someone makes her mad, she uses Witchcraft for her revenge. One bad thing after another happens and Bonnie and Rochelle start to fall in line with Nancy who brainwashed them into thinking this is the way to go with their powers. After Nancy killed Chris the popular guy who spread the rumor about Sarah, Sarah decides that being apart of this Coven isn't right for her so she tries to leave. You see, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her and that is exactly what they tried to do. All 3 of the girls gang up on Sarah and set spells on her making her hallucinate to try to make her go crazy.

Nancy slashes Sarah's wrists to make it look like she committed suicide so Sarah runs up to her room and falls to the ground and starts to recite a spell a fellow Witch who worked at the local Occult store told her about. Manon comes to Sarah's rescue and saves her, giving her apart of his power. Because of this, Sarah was able to fight off Bonnie and Rochelle with no trouble, Nancy on the other hand was just being a stubborn little Witch and wouldn't leave without a fight. In the end Sarah wins and Nancy ends up in the loony bin since no one believes that she's a Witch because Manon took away her powers.

I liked this movie a lot and it had just the right amount of spell casting to make it good. Nothing is better then Witch on Witch violence. This movie just proves to you that you should never join a Coven cause in the end you're going to change your mind and want to leave but you won't be able to leave, at least not alive. The Craft reminds me of why I never dabbled in Black Magic. I may love all things horror and everything that has to do with the dark Supernatural and the Occult but I would NEVER practice Witchcraft or participate in it. That's some heavy shit I do not want to mess with, I don't want some dark, creepy powerful force coming after my butt because I wronged them in one way or another. If you're into the Occult, Witchcraft and the Supernatural then you are going to enjoy this movie.


  1. I love THE CRAFT! Lots of fun, great cast, and easily one of my favorite 90's horror movies.

  2. this when teen movies didn't suck... when you actually cared about them... now i know i am i will go back to sleep. nice solid review.

  3. Absolutely wonderful movie with a great Neve Campbell and a super-terrific Fairuza Balk. The Soundtrack is kick-ass and I love dialogue lines ("We are the weirdos, Mister").
    Brill review, Jen!

  4. Thank you Maynard!! :) "We are the weirdos, Mister" is my favorite line from the movie.

  5. Great review. The Craft was one of my favorite movies growing up. I used to try to copy the outfits I saw the girls wearing.

  6. Nancy was really ugly, wasn't she? Bonnie was the prettiest. I wish the bad girls had won though.

  7. @Jen:
    LOL yeah, this line is just fabulous :)


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