Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burn baby burn!

I suck at blogging, yes we all know that. Hopefully everything will change and I can get back to my old blog like crazy self. As most of you know and to my new followers (Heeeyy new followers!) my ex boyfriend is a major jack ass who I like to punch in the face, he was trying to get with me while he was dating some other girl and he stole over $180.00 from me. We were talking about getting back together a few days ago (yeah I know I was being a dumb ass) so I told him to call me and we could talk about everything that has happened between us but the bastard kept putting it off to call me and he ALWAYS had an excuse for all the times he never called. After him telling me he couldn't call for the 5Th time, I told him if he doesn't call me this night which was yesterday then don't bother calling at all cause I'm done with this. Well did he actually call you ask? No but he did text me claiming that his phone was broken and he was only able to hear the people and they couldn't hear him. So we tried to have our conversation through text and that didn't go so well, go figure. To make a long and annoying story short he's a douche bag and I'm not getting back with him and I'm never going to talk to him ever again and he could burn in the lake of fire for all I care. The reason why I'm bringing this sappy story up again is because it brings up a song and a music video that I wanted to post about. One of my favorite bands is Papa Roach and one of their songs called "Burn" really stuck out to me after everything that has happened with the douche bag ex, I swear this song seriously reminded me of him. The verse that stuck out the most is

"I didn't know you were a fake, every lie straight to my face, so blind I could not see right behind my back you stabbed me. Should've known you were a bitch shut up you're making me sick little man you're nothing like me, lying cheating so deceiving. I trusted you, broke me down and you screwed me over. Don't try to deny it cannot hide it, I'll be ignited when I get to watch you burn!"

I was laying in bed listening to this song and right when I heard that verse I jumped up with a big smile on my face and giggling because I want nothing more then to watch him burn and to hurt as much as he hurt me. This is why I love music, they say everything that you feel and the music videos show everything that you want to do to that person who wronged you without going to jail :) Last time when I was having problems with him the song that fit the mood was Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" now it's Papa Roach's "Burn." I love Papa Roach, they speak to my heart. I'm sorry to bringing you all into my stupid drama but I just needed to vent and I needed to make a post and I LOVE this music video so win win lol.


  1. You are twisted. But I love that about you! So glad you didn't get back with that dork!

  2. Hahaha thanks! I am too, he's an idiot and so was I for even thinking about getting back together with him.

  3. Tell me about it....
    I'm in the process of being seriously wronged right now, and just barely able to keep myself from shouting something that gets me locked up.

    I love the frankness here!

  4. So glad you're back, Jenny. And so very glad that you didn't get reinvolved with that silly boy, I can only assume he is an absolute arse. You deserve better, WAY better. Hope you are feeling ok. x

  5. @Andrew Green. Thank you, I tell it how it is! I'm really sorry. That sucks and I hope everything works out for you.

  6. judge judy his ass... you should focus on you make good things happen for you. relationships suck from single to marriage to divorce. your friends saying that they know this person, not able to do the same thing cause you are married and finally being dumped by those friends cause they were not your friend but you ex's friends.

    make a winner out of you!


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