Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Horror Meets Fashion!:

( I apologize for the size of the picture, it was the only one I could find of this swim suit.) I love this swim suit so much, it's the hottest thing you could ever find. I'm gonna have to lose some serious weight to get my hands on this wonderful creation. Features zombie eyes on the swim suit top and zombie mouth with teeth on the bottom. Swim suit by Iron Fist
One thing I love is Zombies so this hoodie is perfect for me and everyone who is a die hard zombie fan. Features a voodoo girl and devil head along with a Zombie radio Rock N' Roll show. Hoodie by Sourpuss

These shoes are just beautiful! Features a lime green skull with a pink phone cord wrapped around the skull. Shoes by Iron Fist

This dress just screams hott. You could totally rock this dress at the Scream Awards. Features a black ribcage with blood splatters all over. Dress by Rockin Bones

Love Zombies? Then you have to get this shirt that features "I love Zombies" with a heart shaped brain. Show the world you're love for zombies, this is a must have shirt for all you zombie lovers out there. Shirt by Kreepsville

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